PERINNE is a bright stylish home textile and objects, combining folk traditions, arts and crafts, graphic design and modern technology of production. We use only natural materials: pure linen fabric and make original prints created by designers and inspired by Russian Cultura and Folks arts!
Pure linen textile materials and original design of prints inspired by traditional folk patterns
PERINNE—means «tradition» in the Karelian and Finnish languages. Traditions are very important all of us. And it is so important to have your own small and big holidays. The occasion can be different—to be gathered by a big or small company, at home or in nature, with bright illumination or candlelight! And PERINNE will help to create a festive mood and to make the holiday bright, beautiful and memorable!

We created our collection of textiles «Forest, water and rock» inspired by the traditions folk patterns of Pudozh, Karelian nature and bright colors of the North. The Pudozh embroidery is an technique with intensive decorative background filling and a original style of ornament with abstract forms and geometric elaborations. All prints in the collection «Forest, water and stones» have Karelian-Finnish names.
* Pudozh is a small town in the Karelian region in the north-west of Russia.

It's a modern look at the old-style lamp—a constructivist approach, basic geometric shapes and elegant decor. The simpleness of the modular design allows us to combine the elements, to add new ones, to change the configuration
Fairy tales of Zaonezhie
Сollection of Linen textile based on embroidery, fairy tales of Zaonezhie (region of Karelia, Russian Nord). Modern design, traditional techniques and materials: linen textile, tambour embroidery. A new composition, with different accents—a new point of view on traditional elements of patterns and crafttechniques.
All shades of cobalt for lovers of blue color! Linen tablecloths with the prints inspired by the Gzhel theme. Geometric shapes with fragments of a recognizable pattern are scattered on the surface.

Anti-crisis project. We are working like designers-craftsmen. We are creating and produce any products in small exclusive Drops. Only natural materials: cotton, linen, jute, raffia. Handicraft!
We try to follow our concept and already became winners of professional competitions and participants in Russian and international exhibitions.
FOREST, WATER AND STONE—the textile collection is the winner of the "Invented and Made in Russia" contest (the "Home Textiles" nomination), the winner of the "The Makers 2018" contest of the Seasons magazine (the "Home Textiles" nomination), a Batimat participant. Russia 2019 (Crocus Expo, Moscow), participant in Milan Design Week 2019 (Italy, Milan), participant in the Seasons of life festival (Khokhlovka, Perm Territory), participant in Beijing Design Week 2019 at the Moscow Design Pavilion (Beijing Design Week 2019 Beijing)
LAMP-CONSTRUCTOR—winner of the 2019 Design and Craft contest in the nomination Khokhloma Painting (Semenov town, Nizhny Novgorod Region), participation in exhibitions in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Participant of Beijing Design Week 2019 at the exposition Moscow Design Pavilion (Beijing Design Week 2019 China, Beijing)
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